My name is John, or you can call me MDV. I am just an ordinary person who lived on GMT+7 Country.

Recently I have couple business running without my supervision, so I got a lot of times to do anything to get away from my boring situation, I started this website is to meet interesting people also get an bigger or fun opportunity to work on some interesting project. English is not my first language so if you read something on this website and it wasn’t right grammar or whatever you called it wront then hope you understand that I am not good at writing stuff, I try my best to make all the content to be written naturally with pure mistake or some easy stuff to make other understand easily.

“I am a work in progress, yet I feel deep admiration for my self when I realize just far I’ve come.”

I love to make an artwork, doing a web design, animation and mostly I love to motivate other people. I have no other idea how to combine this stuff together. With reasonable level of ego I have then I started EXTRAS website to welcoming strangers to come and talk to me. And yes I try to provide useful stuff, weird and fun stuff when I free. Also I will help you if you needed some help from me, so don’t hesitate. Just ask me if I am available I will answer you but if not then I will ignore you too HAHAHA. I just kidding, I try to be reasonable human that friendly with each other. Trust me when I write this page I wasn’t high from weeds or drunk so HIT me up anytime guys!!!